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The easiest way to assess the inertial sensor system of your AndroidTM Device!

Many new smartphone applications like indoor navigation, augmented reality or immersive games require data from inertial measurement units (IMU) consisting of accelerometers and gyroscopes. Although the accuracy of the inertial sensors directly affects the soundness of these mobile applications, so far no standardized tests exist to assess their quality. MEMS Score was developed for this exact purpose. It utilizes the camera of the phone as a reference to estimate the quality of the inertial sensor data. MEMS Score does not require special equipment1 and is able reveal significant discrepancies between different phone models. Version 1.0 is available now!

1Only a reference raster printed on a piece of paper is needed for some tests.


16.12.2016 - Update for MEMS Score on Google Play

MEMS Score has been updated to version 1.0.1 on Google Play.
The update includes the following changes:

  • Fixed a crash in the Dynamic Rotation Test
  • Added missing "Back" button to the results of the acceleration test
  • Corrected a name in the About Dialog
  • Cleaned up devicenames in the Database
  • Fixed bug where the manufacture names appear twice in the statiscs

18.10.2016 - MEMS Score is now available on Google Play!

MEMS Score is now available for Smartphones with Android 4.0.3 or higher on Google Play.
Get it now from here: MEMS Score

17.10.2016 - Press release about MEMS Score

The Institute of Applied Microelectronics and Computer Engineering from the University of Rostock, Germany made a press release about MEMS Score. You can see the press release (in german) here: Official press release

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